How Our Menus Work

How Our Menus Work

Cooking on site

Choosing our, prepare menus on site menus (BBQ, wedding etc.) will mean one (or more!) of our chefs will need to work out of your kitchen, or a make shift kitchen, during the event, as most of the food is cooked to order.


Are priced at £20 (head) / £15 (sous) an hour, you should count on one chef per 20 to 30 people, with the first chef always being a head chef.

Waiting staff

In some cases you may want waiting staff to help serve the buffet or be on hand to circulate with drinks and help with set up and tidying away. Our waiting staff start at £12.50 p/h with a minimum four hour shift.

Hire equipment

If you require help with serving staff or extra items such as glassware, bar items, tables, crockery & cutlery or linens, please ask us for a bespoke quotation.

Bowls – Disposable vs Ceramic pots

As a default, high quality disposables are included in the price of the menu. For ceramic bowls/steel cutlery, you need to allow approximately 50p per item, plus an allowance for delivery, collection & washing.


We’re happy to help in supplying your drinks (from bottled beers, wine and soft drinks), but are also happy to serve any drinks you wish to provide yourselves (Champagne toast). NO CORKAGE charged.

Minimum order £400 on the food element of the order.
Disposable plates/cutlery are gratis
Ceramic plates/steel cutlery/glassware. Allow 50pence approximately per item.

Cold buffets

For cold buffets we can offer a drop off service where the food is placed on disposable platters for us to leave behind with you and collect later. We usually still like to bring a chef along to lay out the food for you, dress salads freshly, and garnish platters etc. We allow a £25 chef fee for this.

Hot buffets

In certain circumstances we can drop off pre-heated food, but due to the level of food we provide, we prefer to have heating equipment available at the venue so food can be finished on site for maximum quality. This may involve adding an oven and heated trays to a hire order, but the range of food we can offer will increase with this service style.

We will provide chefs (Head chef @ £20 p/h, Sous chef(s) @ £15 an hour) to finish the cooking and plating for you.

Crockery, drink-ware etc.

If you require disposable plates/cutlery/drink-ware for your buffet, we can simply drop this off for you with the food.

Should you require ceramic plates/glassware for your buffet we will get you a bespoke quotation and organise delivery and collection times with the hire company.

Any equipment damaged, broken or stolen will be charged for accordingly.

Get in touch for a bespoke quotation: Freephone 0800 242 5128 / 07598 226732