Fork Food, Bowl & Grazing Food

Fork Food, Bowl & Grazing Food

Whether a party, meeting or conference our bowl food provides great tasting food which can be eaten standing or sitting. They are available in two portion sizes. The “Meal” size provides a main course portion. We suggest two to three of the “Mini” size to provide a meal. It is delivered to your premises or venue ready to serve complete with a bowl and fork for each portion ordered.

Staff can be hired to help with service and for some menus, chefs are required. Chafing dishes are also recommended to be hired to ease service, if service will not be soon after delivery or if it will be over an extended period. There is a minimum order of 10 of any one bowl meal and 15 of any mini bowl, if you require help deciding what you need or want to know more about how it works, please call…

 Meat & Fish options

Smoked fisherman’s pie

Smoked haddock, salmon, mackerel and prawns with double cream and mash, served with seasonal vegetables (gf).

Lamb rogan josh

Toasted cumin and coriander seeds give depth to the classic curry; served with rice, chutney, yoghurt & naan bread (gf)

Sausage & mash

Pork & leek sausages with mustard mash and caramelised onion gravy (gf).

Beef in red wine

Beef slowly braised in red wine with bouquet garni, celery, onion, carrot & button mushrooms. Served with whole grain mash. (gf)

Moroccan lamb tagine

Lamb slowly braised with sweet spices and apricots served on lemon scented couscous (gf)

Chicken & chorizo stew

Served in a white wine and cream sauce served with garlic herbed roasted sweet potato flutes (gf)

Fish cakes

Salmon, haddock, mackerel and prawns with parsley and spinach fill these cakes. 2 per portion. Served with seasonal vegetables and a béarnaise sauce.

Lasagne Bolognese

A traditional lasagne with minced steak, celery, carrot, oregano and parmesan.

Shepherd’s pie

Minced lamb with carrot, swede and parsley topped with light mash. Served with seasonal vegetables.

Meat balls & pasta

Beef meatballs cooked in rich tomato sauce with fresh egg pappardelle and shaved parmesan.

Chicken korma

Chicken thigh gently cooked in our own garam masala, coconut, garlic and natural yogurt. Served with a pilaf rice and herb garnish. (gf)

Moroccan chicken & rice

Chicken breast with tomato and aubergine caponata, turmeric & cinnamon rice (gf).

Chilli con carne

Chilli, cumin, oregano, thyme and chocolate flavour the minced beef for this classic and delicious mexican. Served with sour cream, grated cheddar and rice. (gf)

 Tarragon chicken

Tarragon, cream, lemon and rice makes this dish sound too simple served with rice. (gf)

Lancashire lamb hot-pot (market price)

Tender chunks of Cheshire lamb, casseroled with leeks, carrots, and potatoes & rosemary in a tasty stock and topped with sliced potatoes the traditional Lancashire way – served with red cabbage (gf)

Carbonnade de boeuf

Finest beef sautéed with shallots & mushrooms served with a rich red wine & mustard sauce, served with mash. (gf)

Hungarian beef goulash

Tender pieces of beef cooked with tomato, paprika, peppers, and mushrooms served with braised rice. (gf)

Coq au vin

Supreme of chicken cooked in a red wine sauce with shallots, Paris mushrooms, lardons, and chervil & tarragon, served with braised rice.

Beef & Guinness casserole with dauphinoise potato

Tender pieces of beef, cooked with carrots, parsley, turnip & potato stewed in Dublin’s finest thick gravy. (gf)

Chicken Basque style

Chicken baked in a red wine sauce with chorizo, Spanish herbs, spices, and paprika & olives. Served with braised rice.

Thai chicken curry

Tender chicken breast seared with ginger, garlic, chilli, lemon grass & coriander finished with coconut milk served with basmati rice.

Vegetarian hot bowls


Spinach & ricotta cannelloni with Neapolitan sauce and smooth béchamel cream. Served with seasonal vegetables.

Moroccan vegetable tagine

Pumpkin, sultanas, courgettes and chickpea flavoured with cinnamon, ginger and cumin. Served with minted couscous. (vg).

Butternut risotto **

Butternut squash risotto made with white wine, parmesan cheese and double cream. Served with seasonal vegetables.

Fusilli with mushroom**

Oyster, chestnut & button mushrooms pan fried and tossed with fresh tarragon, parmesan and cream, served with fusilli pasta.

Macaroni cauliflower cheese bake**

The wonderful classic everyone’s mum made but lovelier with parmesan, crème fraiche and chopped parsley.

Thai green vegetable curry

Peppers, baby corn and cashew nut in a lime and coriander chilli coconut sauce. Served with rice. (gf)


A delicious vegetarian version of this Greek classic. Aubergine & peppers with cardamom, cinnamon, fresh thyme and a grana padano cheesy topping.

Grilled tagine (Moroccan-style casserole)

Grilled aubergines cooked with lemon, coriander & toasted flaked almonds & bound in a tomato pepper sauce

Salad mini bowls

Pear, blue & pecan salad pear, blue cheese with caramelised pecan nuts and rocket (v,n)

Pomegranate & orange salad with coriander & rocket with Maldon sea flakes (v,vg, gf,d)

Cranberry chicken salad sliced chicken breast with cucumber, red onion, dried cranberries and a cranberry

Dressing (d,gf)

Salmon with celeriac salad poached salmon with celeriac remoulade beetroot and watercress (gf)

Allergen information can be supplied on request.

Dietary legend:  vegetarian – v, gluten free – gf dairy free – d