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We keep up with the latest catering innovations and we’re always ready to offer our clients something new and exciting.

What Can You Expect When Four Seasons Cater with Bowl Food?

Bowl food, also known as ‘walking food’ is becoming an increasingly popular trend on the catering scene. Popular with people like Nigella Lawson and other celebrities, bowl food is usually a gorgeous mix of sustaining, wholesome food, and is a more substantial alternative to canapes or manapes.

However the idea of bowl food is quite unique, and we’ll even cater for three courses if you’d like your guests to have a different dining experience. We’ll create dishes full of rice and grains, sticky sweet noodles and tender meats that melt in the mouth, fresh vegetables full of rich earthy flavour, and curries that add some spice to an occasion. 

What are the Benefits of Catering with Bowl Food?

Bowl food is an innovative idea at social events or for those occasions where you want to encourage people to mingle. It’s similar to a canape reception, but the beauty of bowl food is in the servings – you’re offering your guests a substantial meal at the same time. You can mix starters full of flavour, with interesting mains, and finish off the dining experience with beautiful soft desserts – all of which are served in a bowl! Include some of your favourite meats, cheeses, and textures in your bowl food menu and give your guests a truly interesting and unique experience.

If you’re after something a little lighter for your guests, why not check out our delicious canapes? We can offer mini-mouthfuls of loveliness to accompany any event, and you can choose the menu you’d like or ask us to create a bespoke one to suit all of your tastes. Or if you like the idea of something similar to bowl food but seated, take a look at our sharing platters which can feature some stunning different tastes from all over the world.

If you are interested in our Bowl Food catering then you can call us on 0151 230 1600 or you can email us at for further information.

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