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Buffet Catering

Where to begin in the world of buffets? Four Seasons cater for finger buffets, cold fork buffets, and hot fork buffets – from our base in Liverpool, covering Cheshire, Wirral & the North West – we’ll bring you excellent buffets anywhere in the country.

Here at Four Seasons, we don’t think food should just taste amazing, it should be beautifully presented too. In fact, we want our food to look so good, that you think twice about eating it! We’ll always ensure our dishes are immaculately presented and that your guests are suitably impressed.

Buffets are a perfect way to feed people at a social occasion, such as weddings, christenings, birthday parties and engagement parties. Buffets also allow your guests to eat throughout the event at their own pace, and gives you the freedom to host a selection of food or dishes found in different corners of the world, meaning your guests can try plenty of new flavours. Any of our buffet menus can be adapted to be served on sharing platters. 

Finger Buffets

Finger buffets are great when there isn’t seating for every guest – no cutlery is needed allowing your guests to pick up delectable delicacies by hand and eat while mingling with other guests. Finger buffets are ideal for cost-effective wedding catering, corporate catering or a private function. 

Cold Fork Buffets

With a cold fork buffet, the food is delivered ready to eat – no need to cook, and your guests can start filling their plates as soon as the food is displayed. However, unlike a finger buffet, there will be salads and other options that will require cutlery.

Hot Fork Buffets

Hot fork buffets offer you the most freedom in terms of dishes, whether you want a curry or a carvery, we’ll be able to prepare a range of hot food ready for your guests to choose from. We can cater for any theme or preference; perhaps you’ll want a taste of the orient and choose dishes rich with Asian spices, or maybe a noodle bar with lots of different tasty toppings, or keep things British with rich roasted meats and those fluffy Yorkshire puddings. Whatever buffet you’d like, we can cater for. We’re also able to help advise you on quantity and the best types of food to serve.

If you are interested in our Buffet Catering then you can call us on 0151 230 1600 or you can email us at for further information.

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